Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and the only path to God, as explained in the Bible.

Good Grain Ministry™

Welcome. Good Grain Ministry™ humbly seeks to inspire you to step beyond salvation into the Kingdom by providing a simplified form of what took many years to learn. The emphasis is on techniques to build your relationship with God.

And Congratulations! Just by reading, you demonstrate a measure of faith and a desire to seek God. I pray you will be blessed with a deeper revelation of our Lord Jesus.

February 2013


I am an attorney and chemical engineer, doing work in ministry.  I have a wonderful wife and two little boys.  This ministry effort is in its infancy, and has begun with the articles on this website, as a summary for how to practice the deeper things of God.  I can’t say what will happen, but I’m looking to the Lord to provide.

A Little on How I Got Here

I grew up with the Lord.  As an adult, I began to seek the Lord, but despite repentance, prayer and fasting, I could not hear from Him.  With help from a prayer ministry, I realized that I had to be baptized as an adult.  I’d been baptized in water as a baby and in the Spirit as a teenager, so I thought that was enough.  I was wrong.  After full immersion water-baptism, I began having dreams about God.  Those dreams guided me and motivated me to study and follow His ways.  Although I consider my efforts imperfect, at best, I offer you what I have learned.  I assure you, this message is very real.  Some of it hasn’t been commonly taught.  But, the essence of it is to spend time with God, such as by reading the Bible, prayer and worship, and to bear fruit for His Kingdom.  By understanding these things and doing them, we can take our first steps into a much greater realm. 

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Note on Bible Translations
Bible versions used here are randomly selected from whatever I happened to be reading at the time.  I do note that the King James was translated from the Majority Text, and didn’t make any use of the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus manuscripts (notoriously unreliable), which other versions rely on to cast doubt on principles like fasting.  I suggest looking this up yourself.  Nevertheless, I typically use modern English versions for quotes.  And the internet is a great resource for comparing them all.  Thus, I ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in my understanding and study whatever I can.  See Importance of the Word for more info.

Prayer Requests

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