My work is a summary of complex things – to show how diverse ideas tie together as a whole.  It takes time to process, because much of it you may have never heard before.  It takes even more time to work out.  So when you see a bird’s eye view of God’s Kingdom, don’t be overwhelmed by its breath.  Take it a piece at a time.

The people who first explored these techniques came from a tremendous background of scripture, prayer, speaking in tongues, and missionary work, spanning decades.  They gave a vocabulary to things that others were experiencing.  But they, like myself, took years to digest and assimilate revelation.

Our hope is to speed up the process through organization and support.  There’s no pride here.  In love, we want to share, and we want people to stand on the shoulders of those who came before – for years to become months or days.  I see the next generation inheriting all the promises of God.  As David gave to Solomon, there is precedent for warriors to transition to priestly sons/daughters.  Further, my thoughts are not the end of these things.  This is merely another step along the path.

I believe each person has to chart their own course, and that we all have different gifts that should be used to support each other.  Each person has their own unique gifts and calling.  Each person needs their own testimony.  Find out what compels you, and work on that.  Go as the Spirit leads.  And God bless.


4.0 Ascension.  Background, Scripture, and Practice Tips to Get Started

4.1 Heavenly Realms.  A summary of places in the heavenly realms.

4.2 Courts.  How to use the Court of Accusation to get clean.

4.3 Gateways.  How to open gateways from God to our spirit, from spirit to soul, from soul to body, and from body to the world.

4.4 Freedom.  Techniques to live in spiritual freedom.  Tying concepts together for ultimate clean-up and deliverance.

4.5 Reigning.  Attaining higher levels of spiritual authority.  Mountains in the heavenly realms.

4.6 Rescue.  Using gateways, courts, and ascensions to rescue others.

4.7 Ketubah.  Entering a marriage covenant with God.

4.8 Path of Life.  About the hidden path of life, that Jesus spoke of in the Bible, as a road to supernatural health and immortality.

4.9 Death to Self.  Surrendering our self-will to live in Christ.