We live in a universe more complex than we yet know.  This is a bare summary of places that can be visited in the Heavenly Realms.  There are many more.

Places to Go

Wisdom’s Heights.  This is the first place I ever went.  Wisdom is the female entity described in Proverbs 8, 9, and 3:19, who helped God found the world, and who offers to teach those who go to her.

Throne of Grace.  Paul wrote in Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

My Garden.  I have my own garden.  I go here most often to fellowship with God.  I planted it like this:  There is a tree of life in it, on the banks of a sparkling clear river, with sand like little diamonds.  A path goes down to the tree of life, with exotic flowers spread around it, shining their own light.  There is a grassy bank by the river, above the sand.  The fruit on the tree is like a pear.  Nothing dies in heaven.  Fruit regrows after you eat from it.  My tree looks like a weeping willow.  There is a small table and benches near the tree, on the other side of the path.  I keep a glass pitcher on the table, which holds the blood of Christ, next to a glass bowl.  The blood is thick like honey, but clear like water, and lights run through it like rainbows.  I place my brain and heart in the glass bowl, and then pour the blood over them to soak.  Then I take them back again.  I worship God in this place, and the flowers sing too.

Courts.  There are courts in Heavenly realms.  I’ve spent time in the Court of Accusation, hearing accusations against me for (1) sins in my bloodline, (2) any unredeemed aspects of my life, and (3) sins from childhood that weren’t repented of.  They all count.  They all require repentance, and cleansing by the blood.  This is very serious, and essential to remove legal rights against us while cleansing.  I’ve been here in dreams, where I see in symbols, and while awake where I hear in my mind.  The protocols will be in the next article.  There are other courts as well, summarized here on Mike Parsons’ website.

God’s Garden.  I see a vast and expansive place, with many things to explore.

Dance Floor.  There is a dance floor, where we can dance and praise or worship Jesus, or even dance with Him.  It’s a place I’d been before I knew I could ascend, but was taken there in dreams.  I heard an incredible song about golden rings and wedding bells, which was not sung in English.  The translation was about how there is a cost to the ring, a cost to the cross, a cost to what’s gained, and a cost to what’s lost.   The English version did not do justice to the original.  The dance floor is a fun place.

Soaking Room.  From the Dance Floor, one can go to the Soaking Room, to soak in the presence of God.

Light Room.  By the Soaking Room, there is a chamber of light, where one can absorb the light of God and also receive healing.  I see lights here moving in colorful waves and to rhythms like songs.

Bridal Chamber.  After the Soaking Room, there is a bridal chamber.  I have not been here yet.

Heart of God.  This is a place we can go.  I’ve been here once.  It’s said that we came from the Heart of God.  It is good to return again.

Mountains.  Mountains represent positions of authority.  We are to reign from the positions of authority over our own lives.

Outer Court.  I saw a courtyard by a waterfall, with strings of light over the courtyard and something like oak trees around it, and a bar for food and drink.  It looked like evening time.  It was in the Outer Court.  I led a worship service here, inviting relatives who had not made it closer to God.  It is believed that there are levels in Heaven, just like the temple had an outer court, an inner court, and a holy of holies.  Paul described a third Heaven.  There is still much to learn.

The Ark of the Covenant.  It’s believed that Moses’ Ark was patterned after one in Heaven.  The Ark in Heaven in the Holy of Holies is a place we can go.  I see two large angels kneeling, with the Ark in between them, their wings forming an arch over the Ark and nearly touching in the middle.  The arch creates a gateway, in which God’s glory both shines with light and falls as particles of light like snow within the light.  In the Ark is a jar of manna, from which we can take communion.  We can also seek instructions from inside it.

Throne Room.  I haven’t been here.  There are stories of those who have.  I’ve heard you can enter it through the heart of God, and not to try and approach it from the outside.  But these stories are not my own.

Two Places at Once

As entering heavenly realms becomes more familiar, it can be done faster, until one realizes that you can be both here and there at the same time.  This is what Jesus did.

  • John 14:20.  On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.
  • John 3:13 (KJV).  And no man has ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.
  • John 5:19.  Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner.

It happened to me first in a dream.  I was on earth and in heaven at the same time, perceiving things in both places.  In heaven, I spoke with Bob Jones.  But I could hear him on earth.  I recognized his voice and stopped to ask if he were Bob Jones.  He paused and said yes.  Then he continued teaching me.

I’m still learning.  But sometimes now in ascensions, I try to leave a piece of myself behind, as I go throughout my day.

This shouldn’t be strange if you think about it. We’re made in God’s image.  God can be everywhere at once.  The Holy Spirit can place a part of himself inside us when we’re baptized in the Spirit.  Being in two places at once is possible in God.


In our clean-up process and for deliverance, it’s important to call back any layers of our soul and break ungodly soul ties.  I repent of ungodly covenants, agreements, or relationships, and I do so specifically.  I call back to myself any part of me with a tie to something ungodly.  I just myself in the Court of Accusation under the blood of Jesus, and accept his cleansing and forgiveness.  I release anyone who may be tied to me.


The Spirit realm co-exists with our own, and we can perceive into it as well.  This is called Discernment.  Paul Cox with Aslan’s Place has activation and practice exercises.  When I first did it, I asked my guardian angel to stand in front of me, so I could pass my fingers through him and see if I could sense anything, like a tingle or something.  I understood that he was very tall, being that I need more protection because of my prayer work.  So I raised my hand up to pass through where I thought his face must be.  Immediately upon touching him, chills ran through me greater than I’d ever experienced before.  I felt him laughing, as I hopped up and down in a circle shaking my hand.  But I learned that the chill you feel sometimes is a type of discernment into the spirit realm.  There have been other times where I’ve felt when a dark presence is near, like a wolf, and then been able to go deal with the thing and throw it out.  (Order it out in the name of Jesus; or go to Court).

Our abilities seem to multiply when practiced with others.  Find someone who resonates with you and start learning.  You may find there are local groups, and if not, people you can connect with online.  Mike Parsons’ program is a great place to start and make connections.  There’s also Paul Cox with Aslan’s Place, and Arthur Burke with Sapphire Throne Ministry.  I understand Ian Clayton has a group called the Nest, but it’s not in my price range.


We understand Ascension to be a first step.  To move up and down.  If that’s possible, then you can move to and fro, transporting across the earth.

You can also move in time.  I have a series of blogs about my understanding of prophecy, and how it works in the time streams, linked below.  In summary, prophecy is not necessarily a set, unmovable outcome.  Prophecy can be to lay out what could happen if changes aren’t made.

Most interestingly, you can live out of future ages.  This is being pioneered now.

Time Streams

The following are my blog articles on developing an understanding of time and prophecy, going to operating out of future ages and pursuing the path of life.

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