Knowledge applied is Experience. Experience practiced is Reigning (or Ruling if you like).   We work on these issues until we rule over them, making them habit in our lives.  Success comes from developing good habits.

Always Climbing to Higher Levels

Scripture has levels to walk through.  I’ve written before that scripture has layers of meaning, beyond the surface.  Here’s an example:

  • Deuteronomy 6:5.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

This passage is referenced three times in the gospels, as the greatest commandment in the law of Moses.  See Matthew 22:37, Mark 12:30, and Luke 10:27.  All three add “with all your mind” as well.  Jesus goes on to say, “And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

When we see a list like heart, soul, and strength in scripture, it implies levels to walk through.  This isn’t mere artistic license.

  1. Heart.  Thoughts and desires come from the heart.  Mastering a new area starts with faith that a thing is possible, and then desire to achieve it.  To rule over something, you must desire to rule over it.
  2. Soul.  Once you desire a thing, your soul dwells upon it.  Soul could be translated spirit, or breath, or life.  The soul is multi-faceted.  But you dwell upon the object of your heart’s desire.
  3. Mind.  Your mind learns about what your soul dwell upon.  You grow in knowledge about the object of your heart’s desire.
  4. Strength.  Once you desire, dwell upon, and know about a thing, you can do that thing.  Strength is doing the object of your heart’s desire.  You can rush these steps as well, in wisdom.

On my journey with the Lord, I first believed that I could hear from God.  I desired that thing.  I dwelt upon it.  I went places to learn.  I spoke to people.  I bought books.  I watched countless hours of videos.  I practiced what I learned, got baptized, fasted, prayed, listened, and acted.  I am doing so still.  That is the path of progress.  If you stop on the journey you will not reign.  But as you become a steely eyed veteran, you act quicker and more decisively, based on your knowledge and experience.  You exercise greater authority from a greater relationship.  That is reigning.  You become a king and priest of God.  Revelation 1:6.

I add the part about loving your neighbor as yourself, because it is part of the first steps.  The path of relationship is coupled to the path of responsibility.  Responsibility is being a father to others, helping others.  In scripture, Jesus explains these concepts by the story of the Good Samaritan.  People who haven’t walked our path may not understand it.  But our goal isn’t to control or condemn others; it’s to love them.  Becoming more like God enables us to love our neighbors.

Our desire for God is multifaceted.  We desire to be with him and like him.  We desire to fulfill our destiny by the doing the works he assigns us and by taking our positions.  We desire for others to join us in relationship with God, especially our loved ones.  This is the path we’re all on.

Ultimately, this path leads to ruling from Heavenly places – where we are seated with Christ Jesus.  We can be there and here at the same time.  Our goal is to dwell and rule from heavenly realms above where the enemy has access, even while here on Earth.  It’s important to master the courts, but then we need to rise above them.  In the lower realms there is too much conflict.  We need to find a place where we can worship God in peace.  (More on this in future posts.) 

Levels of Spiritual Authority

For a quick summary, we can be:

  • Servants
  • Friends
  • Lords
  • Kings
  • Sons
  • Manifest Sons

At the base level, we serve God.  We can grow to become a friend of God.  We can grow in spiritual authority to lordship, kingship, sonship, and manifest sonship.  At the highest level, there is also being the bride of Christ as well.  I can’t say if this is the same as being a manifest son or related to it.  Still exploring.

Be aware that there is inherent conflict between servants and sons.  Sons need to be wary of people in ministry who will not leave the rank of servant.  Matthew 21:33-46; Luke 20:9-19.

Fill Up on the Light of Jesus

Filling up on Jesus is the best technique I’ve been given.  I see him as full of light and laughter.  I open my gateways and let the river of his spirit and presence flow through me.  I purge out anything that’s dark.  Beholding the Lord, I fill up on his light and laughter.  They become part of me.  Then I can use it and send it out too, like light from my finger tips or hands or other gates.  No dark thing can stand before that light.

Time spent in worship and in heavenly realms adds oil in our lamp.  Matthew 25.


Mountains are places of spiritual authority, where we can reign over areas in our lives.  There may be a mountain for health, marketplace, family, ministry, art and entertainment, community, media, blessings, freedom, life, and other areas.  Mountains over our own lives are operated at the level of Lords.  Mountains over broader areas are operated at the level of Kings.

Ian Clayton teaches that our mountains can be occupied by spirits of giants or dragons that need to be unseated.  I’ve heard that angels can also occupy thrones on our mountains until we’re ready to receive them.  Regardless, it takes a level of spiritual authority to rule from a mountain.  But we have courts to deal with accusations that hinder us, and we can use them.

Declarations – We can take our judgments from the courts, legislation entered by the court of scribes, scripture, or promises of God and declare them over our mountains.  We can declare blessings from our thrones on our mountains.

A mountain above mountains – I also see a mountain on which I can reign above other mountains, and make decrees from there.

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A note on context:  I first read about mountains in the book of Enoch long ago, and I did not understand them.  Every one of us that first explores heavenly realms has this same experience, having to learn context to understand.  Don’t give up.  Just keep reading and take things to the Lord.  

Get ahold of all this material and make it your daily experience.