Everyone who takes this path and succeeds faces a dilemma.  We find ourselves in a place where friends and loved ones are not.  This isn’t about saved or unsaved.  It’s about walking in intimate relationship with God in Heavenly realms.  We deeply desire for the people we love to join us.  Yet, we’re doing things that people don’t believe and thus don’t desire.  Worse, we face hatred and persecution.

So what can we do?  It’s wrong to violate anyone’s freewill.  We don’t control people through threats or pressure.  So, how can we reach people who don’t want to be reached?  These are my notes.  See also Love and Trials.

Mercy, Light, Love and Laughter

What I learned in the Courts is that everyone who hasn’t cleansed themselves is under the influence of unclean spirits (called familiar spirits).  People need to be set free; Christians too.  Familiar spirits can have a tremendous impact on thoughts, opinions, and desires.  Unclean spirits can project thoughts and desires into a person’s mind, and especially so if the person doesn’t know to reject dark thoughts.  People have no idea how much they would think differently if they were free.

This is why Paul wrote to concentrate our thoughts on good things.  Philippians 4:8.  Paul also wrote that people’s minds were veiled, and that veil must be removed by turning to God and letting his light shine inside.  2 Corinthians 3:15-16; 4:3-4.

Knowing these things, it’s easier to see people with mercy; to love them and not condemn them.  People are plagued by things like fear, greed, and lust, and they don’t act with love for others.  They don’t have relationship with Christ by which they could gain love.

By opening our own Gateways and filling up on Christ, we become more like him.  We see him as full of light and laughter, and we become that ourselves.  That’s what we show: mercy, light, love, and laughter.

Share Testimony without Condemnation

  • Revelation 12:11.  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

No one can come to God unless he draws them.  John 6:44.  Jesus does his work more than we do.  John 6:39.  We help with our testimony and by being a testimony, by friendship.

You can share your own stories, to the extent you have favor.  Your story is your testimony.  It can’t be wrong because it happened to you.

Don’t use the weapons of the enemy to fight the enemy.  Hatred doesn’t overcome hate.   In the past, sermons tried to frighten people into Christianity by stories of eternal punishment.  Today, we’re learning God isn’t full of hate.  What we offer is a way to live again, and to live free.

Use the Courts and Legislation

Courts can be used on behalf of others, if we have authority to do so.  We can have authority for family members joined to us or under our care (like children).  We can ask permission to pray for a person, or say “yes” if they ask.

In the past, I’ve taken prayer requests, and called the person’s spirit before the court to deal with the issue they’ve raised.  You can call forth testimony on their scroll of destiny, what God has planned for their life.  For deviations from God’s plans, we can ask God to make rulings to get the person on track.  We can ask for angels to administer the rulings, or for whatever help is needed.  We can also ask for testimony about good things in the person’s ancestry or good deeds in their life.  And we can ask for forgiveness and that the person repents of accusations.  In some cases, it may be possible to decree repentance.  Ask for veils to be removed.  Ask for witnesses to come in the person’s life, both human contacts and the cloud of witnesses.  

We can also rely on acts of legislation.  Mike Parsons has done work where it’s been legislated that Emmaus road encounters can be requested and decreed.  Thus, we have authority to ask for people to be given dreams and encounters with God.

Whatever happens, take direction from God.  Get his ruling.  Take the next step, and see what happens.  Go back.  Make progress.  And make holy declarations as led.


There’s also a technique of taking a person’s spirit to heaven with us, so they can see for themselves.  Take their soul too, if you can, so they can remember.  Have permission of course.