Changed timelines happen most often in personal ministry – especially in bringing people to Christ, which is a first step for them to achieve their destiny.  It’s something we should be passionate about.  For me, I was deeply impacted by an encounter with a spirit being in Colorado.  The story goes like this:


In 2012, we sold our possessions and drove off to Mexico.  We’d exhausted ourselves from long days at work and sleepless nights with babies.  My health was declining again.  A major work project ended.  And God had threatened to stop speaking to me if I didn’t step out to serve him.  So I talked to my wife, and we chose to venture out into the unknown.

At this time, God came in a vision, gave me two glasses of orange juice to drink, and showed me that he would push me along and it would be fun.  It didn’t sound fun.  I knew the dream meant there were two seasons of perseverance ahead of me.  (Orange represented perseverance, and there were two cups of it to drink.)

In Telluride, Colorado

We stayed in Mexico a few months, and then were sent north to the skiing town of Telluride, where we joined a mission outreach.  Telluride is breathtaking.  The town is in a box canyon, with the Bridal Veil Waterfall at the end.  There is a modern ski village built on the mountainside above, connected by gondola, and we found a townhome there.

It was a strange time in a remote place.  Good jobs were impossible to find, and whenever there seemed like a possibility, the Lord would warn me off.  We had savings to live on, and my instructions were to take time to learn how to hear from God and to write about it.

In Colorado, I regained my health, and developed a relationship with God.  I fasted and prayed for days at a time.  I went adventuring with my wife and children; time I’d missed while working.  We skied all over the mountain.  We hiked to waterfalls.  We explored.  We saw elk, big horn sheep, deer, and bears.  It was magical, and my dreams increased – though having no jobs was frightening to us, as we’d not yet learned to trust God.

I saw things about the future.  I saw that a time of healing will come, with full body restorations.  But I do not know when.  I also saw that God would send me back to practice law again.  God calls people to be attorneys so that there will be justice in the world.  The foundations of his throne are righteousness and justice (Psalm 89).  The church teaches righteousness.  But there is no theology of justice, and it is a hindrance to prayer.

I saw things about the present too.  When America was clamoring for war with Syria, I saw a Crimson Rider.  (I’ve never seen red with my natural eyes, but I remember it from dreams.)  I interceded in prayer for war to be stopped in Syria, and soon thereafter John Kerry misspoke at a press conference and Russia made Assad give up chemical weapons.  I don’t claim responsibility for that, only that it was God’s will to stop that timeline – even if war was only delayed awhile.

I also learned evangelism techniques and persuasion.  I’d like to say the people we ministered to accepted Christ, but they did not.  (God sends people many opportunities to hear about him and accept him.)

Colorado was our first season of perseverance, and we were blessed by it.

What the Reaper Said

I’d had visits from angels before.  A man with a face like chiseled marble stopped by to show me his horse, the most beautiful white horse I’ve ever seen.  Usually, angels appeared to me in the form of my brother, or an old friend, but with a different energy to them.  The appearance they choose is often used to communicate their function.

Then, one night, the Reaper came.  He was dressed as you’d imagine, with long black robes and a hooded face, and he carried a large scythe.  He explained that he is a holy angel, and it is hard on him to take so many souls to Hell.  He needs someone to tell people about Jesus.  I could feel the kindness and pain in his heart, and I could see it reflected in his eyes.  I said that I would help him.  Then, the devil came to mock me.  I shot him in the head with a revolver (spiritual power), and his head was empty inside (no good thoughts).

Looking back, my conversation with the Reaper haunts me.  My efforts have mostly failed.  A few years later, I saw the Reaper again.  (I don’t know how many angels serve this role.)  He was acting as a spirit guide, and not dressed as before.  He had pale skin, black hair, and a handsome face – and we were in the future.  His voice resonated with power and authority, as he told a person who died while trying to save the life of another that the sheep (Christians) had invited the person to cross over with them and go to their grandmother’s home (Heaven).  If I knew how to better help him, I would.  His burden continues.

In 2016, when I saw into people’s hearts, I understood better what they need to hear.  I saw that sharing the gospel is like taking a rose cutting from a large branch and putting it in a tea cup to give away.  It’s up to each person to cultivate what they hear, and drink their own cup.  But someone needs to give them the rose, and change their timeline.  (My testimony is simple: Jesus is real, and you can experience Him for yourself.)

A Recent Murder

Very recently, the Reaper’s words have been on my mind.  My wife has a close friend whose husband was murdered in a carjacking in front of their three young daughters.  He was a kind man.  The girls were with their father’s body a long time before anyone came.  Part of the tragedy is the finality and hopelessness.  He is gone and isn’t coming back.  How I wish someone could’ve altered this timeline and stopped this horror.