Our adventures in Dallas were the result of our decision to step out and serve God.  Jesus altered our timeline again, and pushed us along a new path.

Leaving Colorado for Dallas

When our time in Colorado reached its end, the Lord did not tell us where to go.  So we prayed and decided that wherever one of us found a job first, that would be the place.  We applied for jobs throughout Colorado and Texas.  The first phone call was for my wife, who was hired on the phone by a school district in Lewisville, Texas, badly in need of a bilingual diagnostician.   After the call, we looked at a map to find out exactly where Lewisville is, and saw it was right north of Dallas, Texas.  We packed a U-Haul trailer and drove off to Dallas to find a place to live.

The Last Days of Jackson

Three important things happened in Dallas.  The first, is that we found ourselves living in a small rental home only a few miles away from Streams Ministries during the last days of John Paul Jackson, right on the edge of Flower Mound, Texas.  This was not by intention.  The little home was only the affordable and clean place we found on a moment’s notice, after showing up in town with a U-Haul.

Jackson was the authority on learning how to hear from God and dream interpretation.  At that time, he was in a tremendous spiritual battle and struggling to survive an aggressive and painful form of cancer.  But he would not stop ministering.  I attended prayer meetings at Streams every weekend, and watched in the audience for the last series of Jackson’s broadcasts.

Jackson radiated love and fatherhood.  On his show, he would take anyone from the audience to come and have their dreams interpreted, and he’d give prophetic words.  It wasn’t scripted.  People had to work up their courage to go and see him.  But after the cameras stopped, a long line of people would form.  Jackson was weak, but he stayed sitting on his stool a long time until he had seen everyone.  Jackson revealed God not just in his words, but in his kindness.

By the end of 2014, Jackson had beaten the cancer, but was left extremely weak.  His own path came to an end, and he died in February of 2015 from other complications.

Jackson was a father to the American prophetic.  His brilliance was in his humility.  Instead of promoting himself, he stepped back to analyze how seeing/hearing worked, so he could make it available to everyone.  His work on hearing God and dream interpretation is still available through Streams, and I refer to it constantly.

Cleansing Bloodlines

Looking back over time and bloodlines, our ancestors had known each other well.  My mother and father are each descended from colonels who fought with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 (Captain McFerrin and Captain Richoux at the time).  John Paul Jackson is descended from Andrew Jackson.  In the 1800s, America and particularly Andrew Jackson had a lot of conflict with Native Americans.  John Paul’s ministry had reached out to Native Americans for reconciliation.  At John Paul’s funeral service, a Native American tribe came and gave a presentation about how much he helped them and what he had meant to them.

In my own bloodline, it was Colonel McFerrin who gave his life to Christ.  When riding past a tent revival in disgust, God spoke to him, “Now or never”.  He stopped his horse, dropped to his knees, and asked for 20 more years.  He became a missionary to Native Americans, and his sons became preachers.  The McFerrin family were famous evangelists during the Civil War and afterwards, respected by South and North alike.  Their Christianity was passed down the generations.  Sacrifices in my bloodline contributed much to my own journey.

Most importantly, God revealed to me the importance of cleansing generational sin from bloodlines through repentance and forgiveness.  I saw myself in a line behind three people to use the toilet.  I understood that curses for sin pass down three to four generations.  Exodus 20:5.  Over history, curses have been passed down over and over, such that the consequences of sin can go back thousands of years to the beginning.  It all needs to be cleaned, and cleansing is available through the blood of Christ.  (There’s a longer explanation of how this works.  Mike Parsons has extensive teachings on how to cleanse bloodlines and genetics.)

Entering Heaven

The second important event in Dallas was that Jesus pushed me on a new path.  In the fall of 2014, God showed me that I was trying to look at his realm through a key hole, or by drilling holes in the door.  Instead, I should open the door and come in.  The door wasn’t even locked.  It was a beautiful dream, but I had no idea how to do it.

In January of 2015, Jesus visited me in a dream and asked, “What would happen if you educated yourself?”  (God often speaks in questions, to prompt us to action, and to avoid issuing commands that could bring judgment if not obeyed.)

So I researched again to see who else was out there, and how to access heavenly realms.  I’d come across a little of Ian Clayton’s work in New Zealand, but prior to 2014, it was mostly behind a paywall.  Our budget was extremely tight.  In an act of faith, I got out the credit card and started ordering material.  I also found Mike Parsons in England, developing and expanding on Clayton’s work and organizing groups for study.  Third, I found Paul Cox and his son Brian in California.  Their materials were my tutor on cleansing, discernment, hearing God while awake, and entering heavenly realms.  (There are other good teachers too, but these were the ones I found first.)

Things began moving quickly now.  After Jackson’s death in February 2015, Jackson appeared to me in a dream and gave me a prophetic word.  He said I was called to “pioneering”.  (People in the cloud of witnesses are permitted to witness to us.)  In many ways, Parsons and Clayton picked up where Jackson left off.  I began cleansing gateways in my soul and spirit, starting with the gateway of first love to God, and using the Courts of God to resolve issues that arose.  It took two more years, but I learned to cleanse myself, my ancestry, my sins from childhood, and the accumulated trauma from life and genetics – and to enter heavenly realms in the spirit.  I’m still on that journey.

I also formed relationships, having met the Dallas ecclesia and other people who answered Mike Parson’s invitation.  I met new friends, and I am grateful for them.

A Return to Battle

The third important event in Dallas was that I resumed the full-time practice of law.  Having been a missionary was a poison pill to returning to big law firms.  And I found no place in the churches.  Instead, I helped my best friend Joe begin his own firm back in Houston, doing overflow work and consulting.  It was in my heart to do ministry, but instead, the Lord instructed me to go back to Houston and work with Joe.  We used the last of our savings to do that.

And so our journey ended where it began – with me litigating cases in Houston (but for people in need instead of corporations), my wife working at her old job, and our children a little older and in a school close to their mother.  I came to understand the Apostle Paul’s teaching that people can serve God in their professions, and Clayton’s teaching that in Hebrew a journey is a circle, not a line.  An ending is also a beginning.

Concluding Thoughts 

Dallas was our second season of perseverance, as the Lord had said at the beginning.  There were hardships, but the results were knowledge, revelation, relationship, and adventure.  However, we had to choose the time stream of our own free will.  Other paths were available.

I share this journey because this same conflict is common to Christianity.  We are trained and tested in the wilderness, but we must overcome fear and choose the path.  It is a choice everyone faces.  May the Lord bless you on your own journey.