As the world grows darker, dangers increase.  But dangers can be impacted by God’s people.  In these times, a harvest is needed.  There is an urgency for God’s people to answer his dual call of drawing near to him in relationship, while stepping out into responsibility.


  • Isaiah 59:19. So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

It is not God’s heart to allow disasters.  He would use us to stop the enemy if we cooperate.  However, God will be served either way.  Disasters can be used to sober people and call them back, thus saving many.  Isaiah 26:9; Matthew 5:30.  There is one future where God’s people ride a tidal wave caused by a disaster to proclaim Jesus is real.

This article does NOT proclaim any kind of doom.  Warning dreams are for the very purpose of avoiding danger and saving lives.  Job 33:14-18.

However, there is good reason for urgency to step into relationship and responsibility.  The following visions are not about things that will happen, but things that could.  Our service to God is service to ourselves.

A Mushroom Cloud

I’ve seen a mushroom cloud many times now.  I first saw it in 2008, but far away on the horizon.  Years later, I saw it again, still on the horizon, but with giants rising on the Earth.  There are people rising up in the faith now, and they can have an impact.  This future can be changed.

As I began to understand these things better, I dreamed I was batman fighting the joker.  The joker was commissioned to cause the mushroom cloud, and batman was commissioned to stop him.  That calling isn’t to me alone.  It’s simply making the point that action is needed.  Our fulfillment of God’s purpose is critical for everyone.

Tears of Blood, October 2020

In early 2012, I had a long vision at night about the current assault on Christianity and religious freedom, and how God was intervening in it.  Towards the end, I had an open vision of a large rectangular screen right in front of me.  The screen displayed a spreadsheet of disasters that had been decreed, with the date for them to happen and other details.  The dates were written on spinning wheels with numbers.  The times were set, but the set times could be changed.

I looked down the list of disasters.  The exact disasters were veiled from me.  But I could see the dates.  Something had been scheduled for February 2012.  But instead, the wheels spun, and a new date was set for October 2020.  I turned to my wife who looked back at me and spoke, “You’re crying tears of blood.”  And the vision ended.

I awoke thinking of Amos 7, where the Lord tells Amos of disasters to come and then does not do them when Amos asked, at least until the final one.

Here in March 2017, I am concerned that this future remains unaltered and draws nearer.  Intercession is needed.

Storm or Blessing

The past year, I’ve seen a storm coming.  But when I last looked, I saw the storm described as a “category G2.”  When I awoke, I went to my computer and learned that a G2 storm is geomagnetic.  It is what causes the Aurora Borealis, the beautiful northern lights seen in the heavens.  We can indeed be blessed in the things to come.  But things are moving quickly now, and each of us must run our race.

I tell this story for the sake of hope.  John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm prophecy is still lingering.  But he gave it as conditional: meaning it was what things would happen if God’s people did not pray.  I don’t know the details of the things that will happen over these next four years.  But I know our instructions are to seek and serve God like never before.

Drawing near to God is a blessing.  I pray that it may be done in peace instead of war, and that people may be drawn by love instead of fear.